Fortune Cookies and Hearts

Fortune CookieI have to tell you, I haven’t been inspired to sit down and create much this week.  I did how ever make these cute puffy mini hearts and fortune cookies.  Which by the way, I’m in love with.  They are just so cute.  Added bonus, I’m sewing them by hand.  Now I have some little projects I can take with me and sew up when my hands would otherwise be idle.  You know what they say about idle hands…& I’m sure I get myself into enough trouble as it is!

Fortune CookieNevermind my aweful handwriting.  It was hard to write on that cardstock with the new Sharpie pen.  I do love the Sharpie pen for regular paper though.  Highly recommended if you often find yourself writing with the marker version.  Just like the commerical says, they don’t bleed through.

This cute fortune cookie is for sale in my Etsy shop!!

Fortune Cookie

Can’t you just picture the little hearts hanging from a mobile?  As soon as I have enough made and pick up some of those metal circles from the craft store I’ll post photos.  Perfect compainion for a baby quilt! I tried making my own metal circles out of those awful metal hangers you get from the dry cleaners but my metal working skills leave much to be desired!  Not quite circle & not quite safe for human handling.Puffy Heart

The photo is especially bad because I took it with my iPhone.  It might have been a little bit better if I had the new iPhone…hint, hint.

The fabric in these photos are 30’s prints from my stash.  They had such great taste in the 30’s.  Everything was so colorful and bright.

Today it’s off to Connecticut to visit a friend I haven’t seen in about a year, handmade quilted coasters in hand.  I’m hoping the rain holds off for a few days but that’s probably asking quite a lot.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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