Coasters and Double Wineaux

CoastersCoasters!  I am loving the little projects these days.  Anything to keep me away from the quilts it seems.  I’ve made two different kinds, quilted & wine coasters.  The quilted coasters are available in my Etsy shop!Coaster


I think the Wine Coasters might be perfect with the Double Wineaux Bag (see below) as a host/hostess gift for a wine lover.  The Wine Coasters mean never having to ask your friends to put use a coaster because let’s face it, it’s so hard to remember to use a coaster when you’re laughing with your friends.

(Sorry I took the photos upside-down.)

Wine Coaster

Heather Ross fabric makes everything look great.  Just slide the edge of your wine glass under one of the flaps and twist!

Wine Coaster

Remember my friend Joclyn, whose house I spent last weekend at?  Well, I forgot to post the photos of the gift I gave her & Josh for their new home.  It’s a Double Wineaux (wino?) Bag!  I had jiggly brain again when I measured the fabric for this one.  It started out as a reversible wine bag for one bottle of wine.  My measurements were screwy and it turned into this fabulous idea – double wine bag!  Isn’t two better than one anyway?  I think so.

Double Wino

I thought the horse shoes were perfect for a new house gift, good luck & all.

Double Wino

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