Make-upRejuvenated after a great weekend I dove whole-heartily into sewing today.  I put handles on a bag that had been waiting patiently in the drawer for a day when it would be finished off.  I also attempted, and I say attempted because it did not go as planned, to make a quilted reversible shopper similar to the bag in the last post.  I used the NYC fabric which you’ve seen in the New York Baby quilt, which by the way is a directional fabric!  I consciously made sure one of the two sides was right-side up but my brain left the building on the second side and of course it is currently sewn in upside-down.  After I painstakingly french seamed every last seam and made sure the straps were super secure I realized my mistake.  This is what happens when I ‘make-up’ a pattern, if there’s room for error I will find that room and I will fill it!  That brought be back from my weekend bliss, straight into Monday reality.  After that I needed a break, enter the rest of the household whom actually leave home to work.  A few hours of distraction with them and it was back to the sweat shop.  It has been so hot and humid these past few days everything feels a bit sticky.

Make-up Feeling as though I hadn’t accomplished much in the hours I had sat in front of my sewing machine and armed with pretty red thread & zipper, I sat down to make myself feel better about how my day turned out.  So, I made a cute travel make-up case (available in my Etsy shop).  I love the bright red and it was so cheery watching it zip through my tuned up little sewing machine.  (I had to give her a little TLC earlier.  I guess I hadn’t realize how much use she was getting; she was full of fuzz! No wonder she was acting snippy lately.)  The make-up bag is lined with the waterproof red fabric that I used in Reversible Shopper you saw last post.  That makes it great as a make-up case because if you are anything like me, any time you travel with make-up something explodes!  I am happy with how this project came out.  Maybe it will push the directional fabric episode to the far recesses of my memory for awhile, until I have enough patience to rip it apart & start fresh.Make-up

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