Reversible Shopper

Reversible ShopperI had a great weekend filled with friends, yard games, and food followed by movies and laying around.  This weekend definitely helped to relieve some of the stress I’ve been feeling about opening my Etsy store (note: shop is now open!).  I really want everything to be perfect and I want to have lots of great products that people will love to own.  The weekend also resulted in what may become my first sale.  My great friend Joclyn asked me to make the bags she will be giving to her bridesmaids as gifts for all of their hard work they have done to make her wedding day special.  I am so glad I got away from my sewing machine for a bit and spent some quality time with friends.

It seems making things is always on the back of my mind, so after getting home and laying around awhile I decided to actually do something and whip up a reversible shopper.  {{Now for sale on Etsy!}}

By now just about everything you’ve seen on this blog has included this fabric, you’re probably getting quite sick of it, but I have a lot of it and at this point my stash is greatly lacking.  I have run out of fabric larger than a fat quarter, it’s slim pickings.  I have been musing over many great fabrics so maybe someday soon we’ll see some cropping up here and there.  It’s hard to resist buying new fabric!

Reversible ShopperThis is a great bag to take on your trips to the local farmer’s market or to pick up the milk and ice cream at the market.  I have used a patterned cotton fabric for one side and the other is a red waterproof fabric.  Waterproof fabric is great for these types of bags.  It keeps the condensation from whatever you put in the bag from getting all over your backseat.  Reversed, it allows you to place the bag on wet ground and keep your contents dry.  It’s also easy clean up, just wipe clean.  For the handles I used grey cotton webbing.  I think it breaks up the red/yellow color scheme a bit.  I also like it because it’s quick, no sewing handles and it’s very strong & durable.

I can’t wait for this bag to be filled with your goodies and help decrease your use of plastic shopping bags.  Not to mention whoever carries it around is going to look much cuter than someone without it.

Inventory for the Etsy store is getting larger by the day.  Stay tuned for the grand opening! {{Now open!!}}  I personally can’t wait!Reversible Shopper

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