Soup Kitchen

Last night my boyfriend & I volunteered at a soup kitchen with his co-workers as part of the company’s effort to give back to the community.  It was my first time volunteering at a soup kitchen and I really enjoyed the experience.  I served food, which is not one of my strengths, I don’t see a future as a server.  I did manage to keep all of the food on the plates & off the floor, so there’s success in that.  I got to speak to a few people & crack jokes with a few others.  It was great to connect with people.  I also had the pleasure of meeting Brendan’s boss, his wife & two boys, as well as one of Brendan’s co-workers.  They seem like great people as well. It’s good to know Brendan is working with good people.  The couple of hours I spent at the soup kitchen were very enjoyable for me & I am excited to return to help out in the future! I’m including a link to the kitchen’s website.  They are raising money to open a stand alone building to better service the community & any help is greatly appreciated.  Please see their wish list page for a list of items they need or to make a monetary donation.  There are a lot of great causes to get involved in or to contribute to & this is certainly one of them.  Thank you in advance, & here’s the link: Lorraines Soup Kitchen


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