Back to School

Crayon RollGo into any store today and you will see all of the summer goods on sale and all of the back to school goodies taking their places.  The summer is quickly winding down and fall is fast approaching.  Since I have just created a store on Etsy,, and have yet to fill the shelves with any merch the shelves are filling up, I thought making some cute back to school accesories might be a great way to get started on filling those shelves.  Yesterday I picked up some Crayola crayons which are in my opinion, the best sort of crayon.  Their smell and the feel of the construction paper wrapper in your hand conjures up great memories of childhood for me.  It’s hard to pass up a fresh box of Crayolas.  So with my Crayolas in hand I decided I should sew up a cute crayon roll to house them. Now, whenever I decide I want to make something and I do so without a pattern I always have a little trouble in the beginning.  It’s like my brain knows what I want to do but then scrambles is up a little.  I always end up cutting or sewing or both multiple times, even on the most simple construction.  Crayon RollIt’s something about going without a pattern that gets my brain all jiggly.  My goal first was to make a crayon roll for the whole 24 pack, I wanted every color to have a home together.  With the jiggly brain I cut a couple pieces of fabric the wrong sizes. One of which I think I’m going to transform into a colored-pencil roll.  After one or two or three miss steps this is the result.  I will list it on my Etsy shop after I have a few more things.  Listed & sold!!  I wouldn’t want it sitting all by itself being lonely in the shop!  Looks as though I may have to snip those errant threads before it gets to the shop.

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