New York Baby

NY Baby 5

Made an early start today and managed to finish binding the New York Baby quilt.  That took a bit longer than I had hoped.  Sewing takes a bit longer when you are reading simultaneously.  I have been doing some reading on Etsy, learning about what has made fellow Etsians successful.  It also didn’t help that I had to, on more than one occasion, chase a thieving puppy around the house to retrieve stolen items from the mouths of no return.  Now New York Baby is finished and headed to the Crinkle-o-Matic (aka the washer/dryer experience).

I am excited about this quilt because it’s going to a very special couple for their baby boy.  I’ve made it for my very dear friends & former New York neighbors, Nick & Rebecca.  They are exceptionally special people and great friends who have been through a lot to get pregnant.  Imagine how thrilled I was to hear that they were finally going to have a baby!  After all they have been through it turns out they got pregnant while on vacation.  I think finally getting away & thoroughly enjoying themselves without the worries of life on their shoulders worked wonders.  Just goes to show, we all need to slow down & enjoy, forget about all of our worries for a little while and good things will happen.

When I found out Rebecca was pregnant I immediately knew I needed to make a quilt.  I have always had handmade quilts throughout my life, I think it’s the only way to go.  All of my quilts hold such great memories for me.  My first quilt was my baby quilt.  My Gramma made it for me, it was one of the first quilts she made & I still have it.  Anyway, I started on the quilt before they knew if they were having a boy or girl.  In the meantime, I found out another good friend, Emily, was having a baby!  They come in bunches I think.  Emily and Brian decided they are going to be surprised and won’t be finding out the sex of their little bundle of cuteness.  Another baby quilt to make!

The quilt for Nick & Rebecca was taking forever because I was hand quilting it.  It’s still not done, but it’s now for Emily & Brian because it’s neutral.  Nick & Rebecca found out they are having a boy!  I am sure Nick is so excited to be getting a partner in crime to go fishing & hunting with.  Thrilled to know the sex, I dove right into the baby boy quilt.  I love knowing if it’s a girl or a boy, I find it so much easier to find fabrics I like than having to make sure the fabrics aren’t to girlie or to boyish.

I have some fabric in my stash that has scenes from NYC in it.  I had to incorporate that fabric in because I have so many great memories of living in NY next to these wonderful people and this baby is going to be a Coast Guard baby, he’ll be moving around a lot.  I thought it would be nice to incorporate his birthplace into the quilt.  In turn I had to name this quilt New York Baby.  Fitting I think.

This is my first stacked coin quilt and I love it.  It was so quick and fun to make.  I love that it incorporates so many different fabrics in it as well.  I will be posting pictures of it when it gets out of the Crinkle-o-Matic, they always look so much better crinkled.  What’s a blog with out photos? A very boring blog!

Well, after an early morning of finishing I am off to find some coffee & something to eat!  By the way, McDonald’s flavored iced coffee is the best! Organic, cheap & delicious.  I just wish they would offer soy milk.  Until they put a Starbucks out here in the boonies, I’m off the soy lattes.

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