Urban-Crunch-LogoI grew up in rural Massachusetts & made my first visit to the center of the universe (Manhattan) when I was 13.  From the moment I stepped out onto those streets, I knew I had to live there.  As life continued, I finished high school, went to college at my #1 choice, got my degree & wanted nothing to do with that field.  I floated from friend’s couch to friend’s couch for a year while they all continued their education, or sought a real job.  After a year of that, I decided I better do something with myself, so I returned to school, the easiest option.  I felt guilty about increasing my student loan debt just to say I was doing something with my life, especially since I knew I didn’t want to work in that field of study.  So, after one year I quit grad school.  It was then I mysteriously ended up living three & a half hours away from that rural upbringing on Long Island, NY.  Quite a change. Everything was so close, I could get to anything my heart desired in a reasonable amount of time & it was the closest I had lived to my beloved city.  The accessibility of the island was great, but I hated to have to drive everywhere, for everything.  I dreamt about ditching my car & using the subway or walking everywhere I went, being able to enjoy the hustle & bustle of things outside of my one ton smog producer.  As the years wore on I began to miss aspects of small town living.  I missed growing fruit, vegetables, herbs & flowers in the backyard.  I missed the quiet nights & the starry skies, the big trees & woodsy areas to explore.  I needed some crunch in my urban life.  I realized that I am both a rural girl & an urbanite, I’d love an apartment in Manhattan as well as a cottage on the lake in the middle of nowhere.  I like the extremes; the suburban-ism of Long Island ultimately, is not for me.  My crunchiness includes wanting to help the environment, wanting to grow my own produce & compost my scraps, wanting to take off into the woods and explore with my puppy, wanting to green my life a bit more.  Then there’s the urban side of things.  I want to have access to anything & everything right outside my door anytime I want, I want to ditch the car & the road rage & walk to the market or jump on the subway to get where I need to go. I want the hustle & bustle of people making things happen & I want to be in the know, I want to be what’s right now. I want to be in the middle of everything.

Things happen & I had to quit my job & return to my roots.  I’m now back where it all began & have found some time to get back into that crunchiness that was lacking in my life (still pining for Manhattan).  I have been at the sewing machine quite a lot since the move back to New England & my ever supportive, loving boyfriend has been encouraging me to get out to the local Farmer’s Market & get on Etsy (since I mentioned it one time) and sell my wares to all of my fellow urban crunchies & rural urbanites.  So, today I signed up on  Etsy, got myself a blog (welcome!), a twitter account & a facebook page for the new Urban Crunch!  I’ve bit the bullet, now I just need to turn out some goods & stock that store.  I’m sure things will come slowly, but hopefully I can add a little Urban Crunch to your lives.

I just want Urban Crunch to be crunchy handmade goodness with an urban design sense. I hope you enjoy it!


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